From the Owner

Calvin Horning of The Carpenter's Shop"Wood was man's first primary construction material. Although early man might have used a little mud to build his hut, he really needed wood to get the job done. Man's appreciation of wood has grown from a simple framing material to works of art. He could carve it, shape it, and admire its natural beauty. He could even defend himself with it.

Ever since the discovery of wood, people have been fascinated by its beauty. They have desired to create with it and display it for others to admire. Perhaps in some manner this is why I am in the woodworking business. It was only a couple of generations ago that high quality solid wood finishing became common in most American buildings. My grandfather, Henry Horning, operated a woodworking business and exposed me to the beauty of wood at an early age.

I want to bring the warmth and beauty of wood back into your homes and places of business. With the technology available today, people can afford the same beautiful work my grandfather produced. We have the commitment at the Carpenter's Shop to make precision woodworking an art."

Calvin Horning